About Ann Street Bailey

Come with me and explore the cities, the lands and lakes, oceans and mountains.  Come with me to my home in Greemville, South Carolina in the upstate foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Or travel with me back to Vermont where I lived and painted for 20 years.  Come and enjoy with me  one of my favorite painting spots in County Kerry, Ireland.  Then when that's done, look up at the night sky and wonder with me where the universe ends. 15 years ago, after a career in interior design, business, and education, I returned my focus to the world of painting.  Since that time, like a sponge, I have  accessed resources, painting and learning, experimenting,  trying new techniques and retrying old ones. I work every day just as my aunt, an art teacher and my inspiration instructed me to do.   Also inspired by my father who taught me to love and honor nature, I paint life as I have experienced it.    My paintings may be inspired by how humankind has built with, around, and through nature or inspired by theories of physics. and climate change. Whether I work as a plein air painter, interpretive artist or in the abstraction mode painting on canvas, wood, paper or silk, I am happy when a paint brush or palette knife  is in my hand.  I find satisfaction in creating works inspired by nature and working through the many challenges of being a painter.  Originally trained in art through interior design, I have honed my skills over the years by participating in workshops with distinguished artists .  My work has been exhibited in many popular Vermont venues, juried shows, and online international galleries.  Many of my pieces are part of private collections in many countries around the world.  In 2009 two of my paintings were included in the publication "The Art of Lake Champlain, Inspiring Landscapes."   I hope you enjoy my interpretations and will feel free to contact me anytime in my home studio.